Virtual DBA


The condition and reliability of your corporate databases are vital to keeping your business running smoothly; they need to be monitored and administered to a consistently high standard. We're just a click away from providing or supplementing your operational crew.

What can you expect from your virtual DBA:

• Support all versions of SQL Server including Azure
• Inspect your database servers and evaluate their condition
• Carry out required maintenance procedures, back up files, and correct bottlenecks
• Adjust the monitoring process to support a virtual dba service
• Observe your database servers around the clock in order to ensure maximum productivity
• Proactively report on any operational aspects

Our technical profíciency?

We have years of experience of administering and optimizing databases of dozens of terabytes, 24/7, every day of the year. Our expert team is always waiting to help with your DBA requirements, we're part of your team and focussed on your database services:
• Server Planning & Rightsizing 
• Data Migrations
• Replication
• Upgrades and Deployments
• Hardware Performance Tuning
• Data Architecture Planning and Review